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Climbing the ladder of success

Change can be scary but can also lead to greater things. You will rarely find someone who made a big change in their life or career that regrets it. When unexpected events force us to make changes, eventually over time what seemed a little scary, usually turns out to be exactly what we needed.

Making big career moves or changes may seem challenging, but in the right environment your potential is endless. At ICG Medical, people are our passion, and developing our talent is one of the most important jobs we have.

We love celebrating success – small wins, big wins, and everything in between. This week we celebrate Nikita Smyth who has seen 4 promotions with ICG Medical after just 2 years. Read our Q & A with the newest Senior Team Lead for Clinical 24 Scotland.

Career journey

After being made redundant due to Covid, Nikita joined ICG Medical in September 2020. Not having a recruitment background, she made a change and joined C24 Scotland as a recruitment consultant. With C24 Scotland being pretty small at the time, there were no particular clients to look after– and was basically just a free for all. However, they started growing each week and with a change in management Nikita stepped into a team leader role fairly quickly. And it only went up hill from there!

In terms of progression, Nikita has aided the growth of C24’s GP by 50% since April 2022. Her role involves overseeing the hospitals in Scotland and focuses on recruiting the right people for the right roles. Nikita and her team have already passed their targets for the month of October and are dedicated to going above and beyond.

She has put in all the hard work over the last 2 years to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that her team is well managed.

How do you find workplace culture at ICG Medical and across Clinical 24?

“Amazing! I’m surrounded by all the right people who want to do well and want to succeed”. Nikita adds that they are now big enough for each person to look after their own client, but there is always an environment of team effort, involvement and support. Everyone knows what they need to do and are committed to meeting targets. “If you had to ask anyone, they would all say they love their job!”

Her team currently consists of 5 consultants in hospitals, 2 in care homes, and 1 for admin – who are all committed and thinking ahead. There are constantly promotional targets to be hit, and once one is hit, the next one becomes available. Nikita adds that there is always room for growth. “If you work hard and are dedicated, you’ll get promoted”.

What would your team say when asked about you?

Everyone is Nikita’s number one fan. She describes herself and supportive and structured. “What you see is what you get!” She leads her team with confidence and clarity and is always looking for the next opportunity.

What do you enjoy most about working for ICG Medical?

“Recognition and career progression. Hard work is recognised at ICG and that is so important”. Nikita has been with ICG for 2 years and is just climbing for promotions. She adds that the atmosphere in general is just amazing, and there is always team effort and support. At ICG, we work hard, but also make it fun.

Improving patient care

Working for ICG Medical really changes one’s perception on healthcare. It’s not until you land up in hospital until you realise the impact nurses have on changing lives and making a difference. Nikita says she truly receives job satisfaction knowing she is helping nurses fill the shifts they want, feeling the gratitude and to see the impact her job makes on the lives of others.

At Clinical 24 and ICG Medical, we genuinely care, and our nurses are not just a number. We communicate and build relationships - which adds a personal touch to each and every nurse encounter. If you would like to join our team, browse our available jobs online, or register your CV and request a call back.